Life after 30

Whoever said ‘age is just a number’ for sure was not a pretty broke woman, away from her family, ending her twenties caught in the middle of a hormones tornado that sucked her in the depression vortex. And… for those who didn’t understand it yet, that was me, three months ago, ‘having a blast’ at my funeral themed party, drinking countless cocktails and crying without an apparent reason. But… at least I don’t remember most of it!

Though, as they say, there is a beginning in every end. Mine started the very next day, while eating my birthday cake alone in Starbucks and deciding it’s time to turn the odds in my favour and be in charge of my own happiness. So, three months down the road I’m stronger, care less about others’ opinion, give a voice to my owns and, most important, took a few steps in starting to build my dream. Plus, if there is something that I’m proud of achieving in the last few months, is the fact that I’m happy with myself! Me, myself and I make a pretty good team and we’ll make all the years coming the best so far.

Life starts at 30. Twenties is just about exploration!

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