The Water Challenge

This morning, during my coffee and smoke contemplation, I realised that me and camels have a lot of things in common – we live in the desert, we don’t forget easily and we can go a long way without drinking water! While the last part is normal for the camels, it’s not that healthy for me! And I figured that out by watching my arms’ skin, which lately looks like a snake in the process of changing to a new layer.

So I started to make a small research…

Our body is made more than 50% out of water, the percentage depending on

  • age  – babies and children have a higher percentage of water than adults
  • sex – men have a higher percentage than water than women
  • body composition – people with more fat tissue have a lower percentage of water)

We all know it is essential for living, but have you ever wondered why? In my quick research I found out that water actually does all of this:

  • Forms saliva (digestion)
  • Keeps mucousal membranes moist
  • Allows body’s cells to grow, reproduce and survive
  • Flushes body waste, mainly in urine
  • Lubricate joints
  • Water is the major component of most body parts
  • Needed by the brain to manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Regulates the body temperature (sweating and respiration)
  • Acts as a shock absorber for brain and spinal cord
  • Converts food to components needed for survival (digestion)
  • Helps deliver oxygen all over the body

So, keeping in mind my skin keeps looking the same no matter how much body lotion and oil I use and I don’t think I have more than 3-4 glasses of liquids per day unless I’m going out, I decided to go ahead and challenge myself to drink 3L of water every day for the next month and see if anything changes. That shouldn’t be so hard, right? If I’ll have a glass of water with every cigarette I smoke, I’ll easily exceed that!

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