A manager … A leader … A career killer …

I wrote the below a while back. Now, that I said ‘Good bye’ and I’m starting a new journey, I thought is the right time to publish it:

It is so important to have someone to look up to in order for you to grow and keep being motivated. A role model… A mentor… A leader… They can be one person! And, when that person is in the same time your manager, you will grow and exceed not only your expectations, but his/hers as well.

What happens though when that same person who is supposed to help you be a better version of yourself is killing you softly, not only as a professional, but as a person? If you are weak, you’ll accept the circumstances and believe what you are told – that you don’t worth your salary. If you are strong enough, you leave and get another job where you will be appreciated for your skills and maybe even remunerated better than you are now.

I’m strong! I’ve always been, even when I didn’t think I can handle it anymore. In my career so far I had countless challenges and, more important than that, so many successes that made it all worth it! Though, as I’m thinking if I should try a different approach or start writing my resignation letter, being told ‘You passed your exams only because your mother was praying for you’ was the last straw.

I won’t argue. Or fight. Or even be upset for more than 5 minutes after I’ll finish writing this post (even though I’ll publish it later on). I know myself… and I know there are leaders and people that feel the need to feed their ego by crushing others. And I wish him the best of luck! I’ll probably be gone soon and won’t look back even for a second, no matter where life will take me… I know for a fact it can’t be worse!

Better days are coming! Though, if you’re reading this and you are in the same situation, don’t be silent! You don’t owe anything to anyone. Or not more than you owe it to yourself to stand up and fight for what you deserve, at least as a human being! But, before doing that, be smart enough to wait for the right moment! That’s what I’ll do! 

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